About Us

LA Women Run Walk (LAWRW) was created after the realization that, despite the numerous running programs and clubs in Los Angeles, there is not a running program specifically for women of all ages and abilities, including walkers. Our founder recognized that it can be intimidating for women to join running clubs if they don’t know anyone or have never run or walked before. Having a women-only group that caters to all ability levels removes this intimidation and provides a supportive environment.

LAWRW participants complete a weekly workout with other participants under the supervision and guidance of coaches. Coaches are readily available to answer any questions participants have, provide feedback regarding running form and provide encouragement and support throughout the 10-week program. Additionally, LAWRW brings together women who might not otherwise have a fitness community. It is the goal of LAWRW that participants will create lasting friendships and will find others with whom they can workout.

We at LAWRW understand the importance of setting a goal to stay motivated which is why we also created a 5K run/walk at the completion of the 10-week program. This event is exclusive to participants and coaches and provides the ladies of the program the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments.