Meet Our Coaches

Mary Kay Campbell

Mary Kay is a RRCA-Certified Running Coach and a NESTA-Certified Personal Trainer. After working earning her Master's degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver and working in hospital administration for nearly a decade, she decided to follow her passion and pursue a career in fitness and running coaching. Mary Kay ran the 100 and 200 meters growing up but it wasn't until she got back into running as an adult to lose weight that she discovered her love of the sport. She has completed 13 half marathons and countless 5Ks after enduring 3 hip surgeries in 2 years. Because of her experience with significant injuries and returning to running, she understands the frustrations associated with starting over and hopes to share her experience to inspire others.

Marcelo Pandolfi de Andrade

Marcelo has been running since 2002 when he started running 5Ks. Since then he has completed 5 marathons and 7 half-marathons. Marcelo likes the convenience of running and the fact that even when he travels, he can still run. He is a 2015 graduated of the University of Southern California's MBA program and is currently working on a tech startup. His favorite running quote is "Runs end. Running doesn't."

Courtney Honda

Courtney is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors in Kinesiology. She began running track in elementary school, and ever since she's been hooked and passionate about health and fitness. She's competed at many distances from 100 meters to half marathons and specialized in the 400 meters in college. Although she prefers running short and fast, she loves long leisure beach runs and competition. Courtney is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and enjoys coaching others to live a healthy and active lifestyle on daily basis.

Matty Pipes

Matty started his running career at a young age as a track & field sprinter. In high school he took up cross-country to maintain his form during the off season and quickly fell in love with long distance running. Matty continued to focus on distance running as a college athlete, an assistant cross-country coach for his former high school and today in the races and competitions he runs throughout California. Matty's coaching approach focuses on form, friendly competition and fun!

Heng Lam Foong

Heng Lam credits her younger brother for inspiring her to run. She started running in her forties (never too late y’all) and believes that everyone regardless of shape, size, ability and speed has an undiscovered run in them. She is an early morning runner and treasures the run as a quiet moment to think and watch the sunrise. Heng Lam works in public health at a local college and has an almost 5-year old daughter so she understands the challenge of time management. She has run 50+ races and looks forward to encouraging new runners to move and have fun. Heng Lam is a RRCA Certified Running Coach and enjoys all distances from 5Ks to 42Ks.

Nando Velasquez

Nando has been running races since 2013 when he got his first medal at the Los Angeles Rock And Roll Half Marathon. He grew up a pudgy kid in NYC who didn’t like running one mile, much less 13.1, but dreamed of one day running the NY Marathon, and has gotten closer to that dream after running the 2016 NYC Half Marathon. He’s also run races in San Francisco, Orange County and Puerto Rico, and has completed the LA Marathon for the past 2 years.

Diana Buran

Diana is an Ironman triathlete and Pilates instructor at Equinox Hollywood. Though she jogged in her twenties for exercise, Diana discovered her passion for endurance running when she moved to LA and started training for 1/2 and full marathons. She remains friends with her first charity training teammates whom she met in Griffith Park. In 2015, Diana became an Ironwoman and continues to compete against herself in triathlon and running events. Diana uses Pilates as cross training to improve performance and prevent injury. Diana swims, bikes, and runs today because proudly and gratefully she can. She wants every woman in LA to find her own reason to run while getting healthy and making lasting friendships.

Liz Minerd

Liz has been running for literally as long as she can remember. One of her earliest memories is of pleadings with her parents (also runners) to take her with them on their training runs around the neighborhood when she was 5 or 6 years old. Since then, she has raced every distance from 400m to 26.2 miles. Her favorite distance is the 10K, but she will happily lace up her shoes for just about any distance. Liz credits her love of running for keeping her sane through college, law school, and her legal career.

Tricia Strawn

After her father passed away in 2009 due to complications from Type II Diabetes, at over 240 pounds Tricia knew she needed to make changes. She started by getting up off the couch and moving. The first ½ mile was tough but before she knew it she was walking 3+ miles a day. Once the weight started coming off, she paid attention to her nutrition and increased her exercise. After watching a friend train for the LA Marathon, she set the goal of being able to run 30 min without walking and after 2-3 weeks, she did it! In the years since, Tricia has completed multiple 10k’s and half marathons and a 30k. She has recently discovered a love for the trails and is currently training for her first 25 miler and 50k.